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Custom PNG Tuber for Twitch Streaming

Want to become a virtual influencer but need to pick a minimal, economical yet applicable fashion to take your streams to next level? You can be a PNG Tuber if you don’t want to reveal your identity and can compose premium content with our custom PNG Tuber layouts, designs, and avatars!

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Customized PNG Tuber for Streamers

The need to create stimulating and engrossing content each and every time is vital for your consistent streaming viewership. And if you decide to hide your face and whole personality, you need to be very ingenious and exotic with your PNG Tuber avatars, background graphics, color scheme, and character features. Being a PNG Tuber is comparatively easy than vtubing where animated real-time motion capture technology is used in bringing life to your character. However, PNG Tuber avatars also demand proper planning, theme, and craft to commence your amateur streaming in full swing and give a professional touch in no time. Sketching a character outline is crucial with these types of queries like from which character, cartoon, or real-life person I am taking inspiration? How my avatar will look? What color theme, facial expressions, and personality I am going to give to my character? How will I create a successful brand image with my carefully curated avatars? All these questions should be seriously pondered by a streamer before starting.

A minimum of two basic PNG graphics are required of your avatar to inaugurate with your PNG Tuber on Discord, YouTube, or Twitch, one with the mouth closed and the other with the speaking/mouth open image. For more advanced graphics, GIFs can be used in addition to 2D images to give your character more depth and detail. With the microphone on, the two images can switch between non-speaking and speaking modes with your voice input and give the illusion as if the character is talking continuously. With our top classic custom PNG Tuber services, you can personalize your character, overlays, and screen layouts according to your channel’s aesthetic and brand’s specifications and can add likable and endearing expressions to your character. Stay safe from scam artists and get your distinctive, original custom designs from our reliable team for your victorious streaming career.

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Key features of PNG Tuber

It is no secret that streaming as a PNG Tuber grants you promising benefits and it offers plausible attributes too that let you relish streaming and interacting with the audience wholly. Here are some key features that are specialized for seamless streaming and are used to enrich the content

Custom merchandising

PNG Tuber avatars are immaculate for setting up a brand identity by launching merchandise in the form of custom badges, shirts, caps, and other items that make the audience happy and involved.

Brand recognition

The custom PNG Tuber models can be utilized as the profile picture or mascot of other social media platforms of a streamer that will create a marketing channel for your brand. In this way, users can easily recognize you through your signature graphics and characters.

Better interaction

It allows the streamer to connect with the audience more closely and fairly as it provides high standards of animation and motions to the static graphics. It engages the audience by holding FAQs, comments, and chat boxes and receiving feedback in real-time.


It is much more cost-effective as compared to vtubing and other streaming modes as it requires minimal and simple software to design avatars, graphics, and layouts.

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What They’re Saying

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease. The design ended up being better than I could have envisioned!

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

Salient is by far the most astonishing WP theme out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy your theme! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

PNG Tuber Design Process

Fill out our order form and let us know about your requirements.

Receive an email with the price and service details and decide if you want to proceed.

Fetch a draft of your design and ponder if there are any changes needed to be done or if we can continue.

Receive your final drafts after necessary amendments through email.

Frequently asked questions

PNG Tuber is a type of virtual streaming where two-dimensional (2D) PNG graphics are used as an avatar for your streaming. It is an ideal option to pursue streaming on Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, or another streaming site when you don’t desire to show your face and voice to the rest of the world and still want to create content and enjoy the art of streaming. They are simple to create and require low maintenance and cost to operate. Although the avatars of PNG Tubers are static mostly, and lack animation and motion, they pretty much do an impressive job of making your streams fun, engaging, and interesting for viewers if designed cautiously.

Setting up your PNG Tuber all by yourself can be daunting and it is always favorable to get them customized by a reputable custom PNG Tuber designing service to avail finest incentives in efficient and cost-effective means. You will find no better options other than our unbeatable custom services as we understand our client’s needs and preferences more closely. With your imagination, character’s rough sketch, content plan up, and channel guidelines, we can provide you neat, uncluttered, and consistent designs, with superior graphics, lightning effects, and animations to make your streaming space visually appealing and non-pixelated.

Going for custom options is always constructive in marketing your channel and product more energetically as you can pour your imagination and innovation to an enormous extent into designing your avatar, profile picture, logo, and stickers. You can choose your avatars from a vast variety of characters, like cartoons, video games, real-life people, real-life objects, or mystical creatures like angels, dragons, monsters, unicorns, etc. Personalization of your character is more accessible in custom designing and you can set color complexion, hairstyle, and accessories to your character and set its persona of angry, cute, sad, cheery, or sardonic depending on the type of content you deliver on your channel usually.

Being a PNG Tuber can be a turning point in making your brand or channel recognizable and creating a noticeable difference among the whole crowd. It allows you to engage with your audience wittily and deliver your video script in an amusing tone whether you stream games, review products or analyze shows and movies. It allows you to maintain anonymity and you can enjoy your personal life equally at the same time. As this mode of streaming is still novel to some people, it can welcome a mass influx of audience to your channel with unique and unusual designs and help create efficacious marketing and branding of your business with memorable and flexible PNG logos and graphics. It is cheap and requires less maintenance so it is totally recommended for beginners to establish their community.

  1. Imagine your character and get your 2D PNG avatar customized that matches your channel’s theme.
  2. Save your custom PNG model in a source file to be able to see your PNG image without a background while uploading.
  3. Open your preferable streaming software for example OBS or Streamlabs. Meanwhile, set your webcam and microphone to induce motion and voice commands in your streams.
  4. Select your custom PNG model file as a media source.
  5. After uploading, adjust the size, position, and shape of your PNG model so that it fits with the screen and broadcasting layout. You can set the PNG graphics as an intro or outro as well.
  6. You are all set to create content and launch your ideas into reality!
  1. Fill out our order form and let us know about your requirements.
  2. Receive an email with the price and service details and decide if you want to proceed.
  3. Fetch a draft of your design and ponder if there are any changes needed to be done or if we can continue.
  4. Receive your final drafts after necessary amendments through email.